How did the Garden Felt by Marina get started?

Well it happens that my childhood up till the adult stage occurred near Moscow, Russia. My upbringing took place in an amazing suburban environment loaded with all sorts of wildlife such as fields, forests, rivers and even lush gardens. The natural beauty of the environment I lived in helped to boost my flair for art during the early stage of development.

One thing is sure – my daily experience on natural activities helped to satisfy the quest I nurtured to pursue a career in art.   As life continues, I found myself attending a felting master-class later in the future. Right from the inception of this felting course, my anticipation was nothing to write home about. However, the story changed after attending this class for five years with lots of amazing things to say.

At the moment, my energy, effort and resources are designated on fabricating innovative, handmade and top-notch garments. I also associate with local charities and attend both fairs and trade shows. Without any scintilla of doubt, I discovered that my fairyland of destiny and deepest dream have come to materialization. In this successful story of achievement, I have the urge to share my passion with everyone.

The most favorite products I like creating are accessories. I am usually excited at the feel and appearance that accessories provide after adding my creativity. Nevertheless, my expertise and creativity can be found in texture, color and design of accessories.

I put on the spirit and inspiration of painter when handling jewelry and my felted garments. My emotional belief and strength are cascaded on every item that I handle. In most cases, I discovered that interpreting and redesigning the environment has become a new normal for me.

For this reason, I like making use of color and textiles as an inspiration.   It is my joy to see the products I have created satisfying customers for a long time just like any other artist.