Orange Margilan Silk Gauze for Wet Felting, Craft Fabric Silk Natural Silk Silk For Scarves Hand Dyed, Price for 2 Meters-The Garden of Felt by Marina

Orange Margilan Rarefied silk fabric. Silk Gauze for Wet Felting, Craft Fabric Silk Natural Silk Silk For Scarves Hand Dyed, Price for 2 Meters

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 Hand dyed Margilan

Rarefied silk fabric. Ideal for Nuno felting. Nuno Felting Supplies.  
Silk gauze creates very beautiful textures in wet felting. Since this silk is slightly denser than sparse margellan, it looks good on frilled and ruffled stoles.

Silk gauze craft fabric lightweight and elegant, with a natural pearlescent sheen, colorful silk fabric gauze is the perfect textile to incorporate into your next crafting or sewing project. Silk is beautiful and versatile: use to add texture and volume to clothing and costumes; create stand-alone pieces such as scarves and blouses; try Nuno-felting – a felting technique that combines silk and wool to create a soft, luxurious material.

This silk comes to you all the way from Margilan – the silk capital of Central Asia. Margilan is an ancient city in Uzbekistan, and for centuries was an important trading hub due to its convenient locations and abundance of sought-after goods, silk being a major one. To this day, Margilan silk is made exclusively by hand with the help of ancient secrets and techniques.


This piece is approximately  2 meters  long and 36 inches in wide

This silk does not have any seams – the edges are unprocessed.

Please note that dyed silk supplies are limited. I use dyes and dye the fabric by hand so replicating any color/pattern is impossible.

If you love it, grab it while you can!

I do not offer custom orders on dyed silk at this time.

When ordering a product keep in mind that the actual colors might differ from what you see, due to the settings of the monitor.